Friday 27 January 2017


                     Three reason to stay at Hotel Rama Heritage

Because we are budgeted hotel 

Well, we all want to save money and want value for deal. Hotel Rama Heritage provides great experience without spending lot of money. Complimentary breakfast, free WIFI with well clean beautiful rooms will delight your stay without spending extra bucks.

We are located at central place of city  

Finding us is not a hassle we are located at Mumbai Naka at heart of Nashik City which have good access every mode of transportation. Just 8 km from Nashik Road railway station, 10 Min distance from Central bus stand and also 30 min away from many prominent places of Nashik. You can plan tourist place   then you are ready to go with any transportation.

And we are paradise for vegetarian!!

Hotel Ram Heritage is well known for its tasty vegetarian food.  If you are person who appreciate Vegetarian or Jain its paradise for you!!!  Italian, Chines Punjabi and Maharashtra cuisine to satisfy your taste bud!! 

Saturday 14 January 2017

       Four must visit vineyards during your  next visit to Nashik

  Being Wine capital of India Nashik is ultimate destination who loves wine or want know more about wine. Number of reputable vineyards are operating in Nashik we brought you select few vineyards you must visit.

                                                             Sula Vineyards

Sula wine is famous and renowned brand in all over the world. Started by Rajeev Samant name of his mother’s name Sula. Sula wine is open to the public for tours and the beautiful Tasting Room invites visitors to enjoy their favorite wines amidst spectacular views of the vineyards and surrounding lakes and hills. Sula also has Indian and Italian restaurant located within Vineyards.

                                           Grover Zampa Vineyards 
Grover Zampa Vineyards boasts the most impressive pedigree in the Indian wine industry today and owns brands that are widely recognized in the Indian wine market.  It is backed by respected veterans of branding, marketing and distribution in the industry. Grover Zampa provide testing facility, winery tour also you shop wines at discounted rate.

                                                  Vallonne Vineyards
Vallonne’ , India’s first boutique winery, brings the French Chateau experience to the Nashik Valley, with a fusion of the finest winemaking techniques and state-of-the-art technology. The 20 acre estates rest on the gentle southern slopes of Kavnai village,near Sanjegaon amidst the lofty Sahyadri ranges and gradually melt into the backwaters of Mukne Dam.Vallonne provide wine tasting room, vinery tour and also restaurant which serve different cuisine.  

                                                York Winery
York Winery is India’s only family owned & operated winery. They are located 20 minutes from Nashik City in the heart of India’s sprawling wine country. York winery has tour and testing along with restaurant
Each and  every winery has its own special flavors  and better we enjoy it!! 

Friday 6 January 2017

place to visit around Nashik

                          Places to visit around Nashik 


About 88 Km away from Nashik Shirdi is holy place famous for Sai Baba. The Sai baba is   among respected in all religions.  Samadhi Temple was started during the lifetime of Sai Baba, with a view to having a temple of Sri Krishna later Sai Baba himself decided to live there. So, after Sai Baba attained Nirvana, his mortal remains were buried at the place. The articles and valuables, which were used by the Baba, are exhibited in a room here. Apart from temple and    Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust provide great free Prasad and meal at very cheap rate. If you are spiritual you must visit Sai Baba temple.



 The Trimbakeshwar is one of 12 jyotirlingas dedicated to Shiva and Trimbakeshwar is one of important.  Along with natural beautiful surrounding and temple is best example architecture which rebuild by Peshwa.  People from all over India come to Trimbakeshwar for kalsarpa   pooja.Trimbakeshwar also surrounded by beautiful hills.
To know more visit:

                                  Nandur Madhameshwar Bird Sanctuary  

Heaven for nature lover Nandur Madhameshwar Bird Sanctuary is most underrated place in Nashik. The sanctuary has 220 species of birds, 400 species of vegetation, 24 species of fish and several smaller mammals. The sanctuary spreads over the protected area of 10000 hectares, Lies the core area of 1765 hectares. It is now counted as one of the important waterfowl habitats in the region by the International Union of Conservation of Nature.  
  To know more visit: 



4264 feet above sea level, Anjaneri is a spiritual place that lies between Nasik and Trimbakeshwar. Anjaneri is the birthplace of Hanuman, and is named after Hanuman's mother 'Anjani'.Anjaneri has major significance for devout and hikers alike. Hanuman spent his childhood and grew up on the same mountain. One hundred and eight Jain caves are found here belonging to 12th century.

Friday 23 December 2016

                                why to  visit Nashik once in time in life ? 

                                                                   The pleasant Weather
 The Nashik is known its pleasant weather all over the year specially in winter. This kind of weather makes your mood to travel and enjoy. The average temperature of Nashik  is  24.7 C. when you travel in Nashik and around you  do not have to worry about how hot it is.     

                                                    Nashik is a wine capital of India 
Indeed with beautiful weather  which is great for grapes. Nashik is one of top exports of grapes also 
top wine maker in India.The famous Sula Wine factory and store is located at Nashik . The Sula wine provides  tours  to their factory also testing room. If  you want to sit relax and enjoy  Sula provide great sitting arrangement with great music you can sit and enjoy view while drinking. Their are also other wineries you can enjoy   like Soma vineyards, york winery etc.

                                                 Misal : The Unique taste of Nashik 
This is perhaps only one in word you can found. When you eat Misal in Nashik how much  different  
version of  one dish. In Nashik you will get best  taste of Misal that you will remember for rest of life. In Nashik has number of famous spot you can choose like mamacha mala,Vihar,Tushar etc   

Well this are  some  few reason we give to come to Nashik. Benging historical place and surrounded by nature  their are so many places to onece you come to Nashik.We definitely write about.