Friday, 23 December 2016

                                why to  visit Nashik once in time in life ? 

                                                                   The pleasant Weather
 The Nashik is known its pleasant weather all over the year specially in winter. This kind of weather makes your mood to travel and enjoy. The average temperature of Nashik  is  24.7 C. when you travel in Nashik and around you  do not have to worry about how hot it is.     

                                                    Nashik is a wine capital of India 
Indeed with beautiful weather  which is great for grapes. Nashik is one of top exports of grapes also 
top wine maker in India.The famous Sula Wine factory and store is located at Nashik . The Sula wine provides  tours  to their factory also testing room. If  you want to sit relax and enjoy  Sula provide great sitting arrangement with great music you can sit and enjoy view while drinking. Their are also other wineries you can enjoy   like Soma vineyards, york winery etc.

                                                 Misal : The Unique taste of Nashik 
This is perhaps only one in word you can found. When you eat Misal in Nashik how much  different  
version of  one dish. In Nashik you will get best  taste of Misal that you will remember for rest of life. In Nashik has number of famous spot you can choose like mamacha mala,Vihar,Tushar etc   

Well this are  some  few reason we give to come to Nashik. Benging historical place and surrounded by nature  their are so many places to onece you come to Nashik.We definitely write about.